WANTED?NEEDED offers you sustainable everyday style for men and women made of organic cotton, all locally produced in Denmark.


We believe as a company we have responsibility for the impact our production has on our planet and people involved. We need to consider how we deliver our planet to future generations. However, we also want you to look and feel great at the same time. That is why our goal is to make fashion sustainable, through design, materials and knowledge.
WANTED?NEEDED sees sustainable fashion as durable style and design that can be used season after season in different combinations.
Every wardrobe needs a white statement t-shirt or a cool print. We provide you with both. Giving you season-less styles for a long lasting wardrobe for your everyday life.


We only source organic cotton for our styles. This is because, cotton are a great material to work with, but the impact conventional cotton has is terrifying. That is why we support organic farming. This also means you can wear our clothes without obtaining toxic chemicals that are left in the fibers through your skin. Read more about our organic cotton sourcing here.


Denmark is not a big production country anymore, but new technology gives small companies with small productions the opportunity to manufacture locally. This means we have our eyes and hands on every piece and every step from cutting, sewing, trimming and printing. Every product is quality controlled to meet our standards. Furthermore, we support the local industry and small artists through our print collaborations.

At WANTED?NEEDED, a sustainable and transparent production are the key elements to give our costumers the opportunity to choose ethically. We have done the hard work for you so you can make the better choice.

Be cool – think before you shop